New Genome Browser (NGB) is a Web client-server tool that has been developed with the several key distinctive features in mind:

  • Visualization of Structural Variations (SVs) and their supporting reads
  • Performance and scalability while working with big/cloud genome data
  • Integration with various data sources, including ENSEMBL, UniPROT and other internal/external databases
  • User experience that is based on a set of useful features like hotkeys, variation tables, docking widgets, etc.
  • Web 3D molecular viewer integrated

We have done our best to make those features at the highest possible level and thus make NGB one the best web-based genome browser The community lead by EPAM intends to develop NGB extending it functionality and improving user experience. Your suggestions and comments are welcome.

We believe that NGB (being a namesake of a Neuroglobin (NGB) gene, coding a protein that is involved in oxygen transport in the brain) will help researchers and clinicians to discover the valuable insights in the huge volumes of genomic data.